220Triathlon: KRU Wheels are “very fast and affordable wheels with an impressive hub”

UK’s largest selling Triathlon Magazine 220 Triathlon has recently reviewed KRU Carbon Clincher C-88 wheels in their recent Spring issue.

The Magazine assigned KRU wheels a rating of 91%, which refers to their highest category for products they recommend to “buy now – a genuine class leader“.

In the words of the 220 Triathlon journalist, KRU are “very fast and affordable wheels with an impressive hub”.

“The first feeling when riding is an incredibly fast pair of wheels” and “when it’s about braking response, the C-88 perform in line – if not better – than other wheels of the same category”.

“The smartest part of the wheel is the hub, an idea that was awarded at the CosmoBike Show. ”

The second key feature is the carbon fibre used in construction. KRU uses a fibre with a higher thermal conductivity, which helps spread braking heat in the case of overheating.

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220 Triathlon KRU Cycling Review Spring 2018

220Triathlon Spring2018 Review of KRU Wheels