KRU service center

New KRU service Center for Italy and Europe

Today we’re announcing La Bicicletta snc as our new KRU service center for Italy and Europe.

At KRU we believe that nothing should prevent a cyclist to go out and ride. We make superior quality products so that you’ll likely never have to worry about maintenance of repairs. But if something does happen, it’s important that we solve it as soon as possible so that you’ll be riding again in no time.

That’s why we’ve partnered with La Bicicletta snc, an historical shop with a long experience as a service center for some of the most renowned cycling brands to bring you even better service.

Here’s what you’ll find at La Bicicletta snc:

  • Competent mechanics trained by the KRU team
  • Excellent service and warranty for KRU products
  • Know-how and experience to advise you on the best product solutions by KRU
  • The full range of KRU products available to buy

This update means faster warranty service and greater availability of our products in Europe.

Advance your ride.

Giro Rosa: White Jersey is KRU Cycling

Rome, Italy. March 2019. KRU Cycling is the new white Jersey.

This year’s edition of the Giro Rosa joins the KRU.

The 30th edition of the leading elite women’s road bicycle racing stage race has KRU as the new sponsor for the White Jersey, the one awarded to the best young rider in the race.

This is our first sponsorship of a Grand Tour and a strong indication of our commitment to help promote women’s racing in our favourite sport and support younger riders.

The KRU white jersey is for the “young rider classification”, the fastest rider under the age of 25 to complete the race. The winner gets to wear the “maglia bianca” (white jersey). The Giro Rosa will be held over 5 – 14 July 2019.


It’s spelt KRU Cycling and it means pure technology.

KRU Cycling is the line of carbon fibre wheels and components packed with a high level of technical features. In a short period of time KRU has managed to capture the attention of multitudes of amateur cyclists and professional athletes thanks to innovative technologies branded “K-Elements” and the hard work of a core team with a strong passion for cycling and deep expertise in carbon fibre manufacturing. The name KRU originates from the English word “crew” to testify the importance of a tight and skilled team behind the performance of every athlete.

KRU Cycling was founded on deep cycling engineering expertise and a maniacal passion for maximising products’ performance. The KRU hub, our first product, is characterised by the breakthrough technology of EBP (Enhanced Bearings Performance), an award-winning patent developed by the KRU team that has set a new standard for wheel performance: lifetime guarantee, frictionless performance and no more bearings maintenance!



Bike Radar This week’s best new gear: KRU

Bike Radar, the “world’s Leading Bicycle website” has covered some of KRU components in “11 Speed”, their weekly digest of the best new products.

Launched in July 2007, BikeRadar is the world’s most comprehensive online cycling resource, covering the worlds of road, mountain and commuting riding.

Check out what Bike Radar had to say here.

220Triathlon: KRU Wheels are “very fast and affordable wheels with an impressive hub”

UK’s largest selling Triathlon Magazine 220 Triathlon has recently reviewed KRU Carbon Clincher C-88 wheels in their recent Spring issue.

The Magazine assigned KRU wheels a rating of 91%, which refers to their highest category for products they recommend to “buy now – a genuine class leader“.

In the words of the 220 Triathlon journalist, KRU are “very fast and affordable wheels with an impressive hub”.

“The first feeling when riding is an incredibly fast pair of wheels” and “when it’s about braking response, the C-88 perform in line – if not better – than other wheels of the same category”.

“The smartest part of the wheel is the hub, an idea that was awarded at the CosmoBike Show. ”

The second key feature is the carbon fibre used in construction. KRU uses a fibre with a higher thermal conductivity, which helps spread braking heat in the case of overheating.

Click on the image below to view the full article

220 Triathlon KRU Cycling Review Spring 2018

220Triathlon Spring2018 Review of KRU Wheels


Cosmo Bike Tech Award 2017 KRU Hubs

KRU Cycling has received an honorable mention for the Cosmo Bike Tech Award.

“An honourable mention for the Technical Quality of KRU Cycling’s high rolling performance hubs”.

Read more on the official press release from the Cosmo Bike Show (Download here – in Italian).

Save the date! KRU at Cosmo Bike Show 2017

We’re excited to announce that we will be at Cosmo Bike Show 2017 with our own KRU Cycling stand.

Cosmo Bike is an international bike exhibition and takes place in Verona, Italy from September 15 to 18.

We’ll be presenting our wheels and components and also some secret prototypes we’ve been working on.

Hall 6 Stand C7-3

Below is a map of the Show and how to find Hall 6

See you there!

KRU Products Preview at Eurobike 2017

At Eurobike 2017 we have shown a preview of some of the newest products we’ve been working on.

These are prototypes that we plan to produce in the near future so keep in mind that they might change and that they will eventually look more polished.

Here they are:

KRU K-Class Cockpit with Extensions
This is going to be a variation of the KRU K-Class Cockpit which will allow to add or remove Aerobar extensions. This is a product designed for triathlon, in particular for those who would like to use a full aero road bike with a true triathlon set-up instead of a triathlon bike. These are cyclists who only want to keep a single multi purpose bike, that mostly do draft legal racing and occasionally do non-draft races, or triathletes competing on challenging or extreme courses with big elevation gains and steep climbs.

Prototype of the new KRU Cockpit with extensions removed

Prototype of the new KRU Cockpit with Extensions

Side view of new KRU Cockpit with extensions

KRU K-Class Aero Stem
This will be a stem designed to match the K-Class Aero Handlebar but obviously works with any 31.6 mm handlebar and comes with the same KRU ECS clamping system and support functionality found on the K-Class Cockpit (support for cycling computers, etc.)

Prototype of the new KRU stem

KRU K-Class Aero Bottle

Prototype of the new KRU aero Bottle

This prototype is an aerodynamic drink bottle and cage system that leaves a very minimal footprint on the bicycle.

Let us know what you think of these products! You can contact us by email or at

The Lightest Integrated Aero Cockpit

In making the KRU K-Class Super Compact Cockpit we’ve focused on creating a stiff but also light product. So the big question is: how light?

During our research and development, we have collected a lot of information and compared the KRU K-Class Cockpit against available market offerings, including 10 of the most famous brands.

Here are the results!

Best Integrated Aero Cockpit Handlebars+Stem Compared – KRU Cycling is the lightest

We are happy to say that the KRU K-Class Cockpit is by far the lightest integrated aero cockpit on the market.

With only 348 grams at size 42cm/100mm, the KRU K-Class Cockpit is about 50 grams and 13% lighter than the average.

Stiffness and the importance of Cable Housing Technology
The next question is typically one around stiffness. Unfortunately, comparable stiffness to weight ratio data isn’t widely available.
In this case we can focus on what makes the K-Class Cockpit different. We made a light product without making any compromise in terms of stiffness. In fact, we are confident the KRU Cockpit offers the best stiffness-to-weight ratio on the market.

The reason for this is the KRUCH patented technology. This is important because the traditional way of doing internal cable housing requires patching pieces of carbon together or drilling holes. As you can imagine, the traditional way doesn’t produce a very stiff structure but one with a lot of risk for failure.

Instead, KRUCH (KRU Cable Housing) is made of an internal groove with rubber covers. This makes a very solid structure (the cockpit is a true single piece monocoque) and light (we actually need to use less material).

We are all for transparency so we’d like to spend some time to talk about methodology.
We have used manufacturer’s-provided weight information from their official websites.
We have also indicated the size of that weight whenever the manufacturer provided it. The most common size used has been the 42cm width (center-to-center) and 100mm stem length so that’s the one we are indicating for our product.
In terms of product selection, we have included only comparable products: aero cockpits (stem and handlebar in a single piece) with internal cable routing.
We have also focused on cockpits that can be currently purchased on the aftermarket. For this reason we have excluded products that have been announced but aren’t actually available, that have been on the market but have been withdrawn, and products that can only be purchased as part of a bicycle – because there isn’t enough public information available on them.


We’re happy to announce KRU’s newest Catalogues for wheels and components.

If you are attending Eurobike 2018 or the Cosmo bike Show 2018 you’ll have a chance to see our products there.

Otherwise, you can get a sneak preview on publication site Issuu through which you can browse them from the comfort of your own computer.

You will find:

  • Our full line-up of wheels and components
  • Description of the core KRU ‘K-Elements’ Technologies
  • Detailed information on each product

You will not find any of the newest prototypes we’ll show at the Trade Show. For those, you’ll have to visit us there!

Click inside one of the frames below to watch in fullscreen mode.



Enjoy your read!

(If you would rather download a pdf, visit the downloads section of our site where we’ll upload them soon.)

Launching the K-Class Cockpit

At Eurobike Show 2017 KRU is announcing the K-Class Super Compact Cockpit, the most advanced integrated cockpit on the market.

It’s composed of an integrated system of handlebar and stem in a single piece. Its clever technology and design features make it the most lightweight integrated cockpit on the market. It’s made for racing and it will improve your cycling experience to the highest level.

The K-Class Super Compact Cockpit isn’t just light. In fact, it offers an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio thanks to advanced engineering and the KRUCH technology.

The aerodynamic shape brings drag to a minimum to help you go faster. The clamping system fits perfectly within the aerodynamic profile and thanks the Enhanced Clamp System it is optimally secured to the steerer tube for maximum safety and comfort.

We designed the bar section without any sharp edges to offer comfortable handling and grip which is often absent on aerodynamic products in the industry.

The Cockpit is available in the span measures of 20 and 40 mm. The span is the width difference between the drops and the top of the handlebar. These sizes offer the best handling position and improve comfort for out of saddle efforts when “on the drops”. The Super Compact has a 125mm drop which enables a very quick movement of the hands from the “drops” racing position to the “hoods” and vice versa.

The bend shape of the Aero Handlebar has a 4° backsweep in the front part of the handlebar. This feature increases fingers grip comfort for racing cyclists as it takes into account the way the handlebars are held during intense race efforts.

KRU will be at Eurobike at stand B3-312