KRU service center

New KRU service Center for Italy and Europe

Today we’re announcing La Bicicletta snc as our new KRU service center for Italy and Europe.

At KRU we believe that nothing should prevent a cyclist to go out and ride. We make superior quality products so that you’ll likely never have to worry about maintenance of repairs. But if something does happen, it’s important that we solve it as soon as possible so that you’ll be riding again in no time.

That’s why we’ve partnered with La Bicicletta snc, an historical shop with a long experience as a service center for some of the most renowned cycling brands to bring you even better service.

Here’s what you’ll find at La Bicicletta snc:

  • Competent mechanics trained by the KRU team
  • Excellent service and warranty for KRU products
  • Know-how and experience to advise you on the best product solutions by KRU
  • The full range of KRU products available to buy

This update means faster warranty service and greater availability of our products in Europe.

Advance your ride.